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We are your local handyman experts in home improvements and property maintenance. We are highly skilled professionals that will help you in any odd job, from replacing a light bulb to installing a new sink, from mending a leak to installing a new electric socket; in fact, your handyman will mow the lawn or complete unfinished projects. We know how difficult is to find a good, reliable handyman near you, and how handy can help even with small home jobs. Handyman services are highly desirable and we do our best to fit your needs. Contact us today and let your local handyman in Bradford do work that you could not or didn’t want to handle.

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Handyman Bradford Services

Bathroom furniture

Bathroom Fitting

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Carpet Cleaning

Electrical service

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Furniture Assembly

Picture is showing kitchen

Kitchen Installation

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External & Internal

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Handyman Bradford


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Tree Cutting

Full List of services

• Change sink taps
• Fix water leaks
• Replace ball valves
• Install washing machines & Dryers
• Fit an outside tap
• Replace light switches
• Replace sockets
• Fit a door bell
• Install smoke detectors
• Install Burglar Alarms
• Install security lights
• Tiling
• Plastering
• Repair wall cracks
• Replace tile grout
• Reseal Kitchens, showers and bathrooms

• Fit new kitchen doors
• Install Shelves
• Assemble flat pack furniture
• Erect a shed
• Power washing
• Repairs to gates and fencing
• Landlord property maintenance
• Commercial property maintenance
• Electrical
• Plumbing
• Roofing
• Kitchen Fitting
• Bathroom Fitting
• Decorating
• Laminate Wood Floors

• Re-Seal Baths and Showers
• Toilet repair
• Waste Disposals
• Install Sockets and Lights
• Rental Property Maintenance
• Repairs
• Painting
• Gardens
• Bathrooms
• Kitchens
• Wood Floors
• Doors
• Locks
• Storage Solutions
• Dyson Vacuum Repairs

• Bath Screens
• Blind Fitting
• LCD Tv’s
• Hang Pictures/Mirrors
• TV & Audio Installation
• Wall mount TV
• General Maintenance
• Wall & Floor tiling
• Replacing guttering, fascias and soffits
• Replacing roof tiles / cement
• Installing / replace smoke detectors
• Boarding out lofts and installing loft ladders
• Hanging pictures and mirrors
• Fitting extractor fans
• Install / replace ceiling fans

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Handyman Bradford

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Property Maintenance

Carpet Cleaning – Our handyman’s steam cleaning procedure not only removes dirt from unclean carpets, but it also kills germs, mold, and bacteria and has a substantial sanitizing impact on the materials.

Electrical services – We are capable of handling any size electrical installation. We frequently install ceiling fans, smoke detectors, and light fixtures for delighted customers. These are the kinds of electrical devices that make life more secure and enjoyable. If you need electrical services, you can be confident that we will deliver professional installation, clear communication, and reasonable pricing. One of our specialties is electrical installation.

Fencing – Allow us to provide you with a quote if you want a border fence around your yard or a 6ft overlap panel fence to keep those pesky eyes out. We are not only competitive, but we also offer a complete fencing solution for your home or garden, with quality as standard.

Flooring – We have lots of experience installing a wide range of flooring types, including solid wood, laminate, vinyl, and tile. We take pride in providing first-rate service in all aspects of the work that we accomplish to your exact specifications.

Handyman Bradford

• Furniture Assembly – Let us make sense of those confusing badly written instructions, get rid of the heaps of garbage left over, position and secure your furniture or flat pack anywhere you want it, we can assemble it all, Ikea furniture, Argos Wardrobes, B&Q kitchens, let us make sense of those confusing poorly written instructions, get rid of the piles of rubbish left over, position and secure your furniture or flat pack wherever you want it, we can assemble it all, Ikea furniture, Argos Wardrobes, B&Q

• Kitchen Installation We can finish your dream kitchen, whether it’s high gloss or wood, handleless or with handles.

Locksmith – Lock repair and replacement services are available. We can assist you with window and door locks, as well as window and door problems.

Painting – Painting and decorating professionals will convert your property from dreary and lifeless to fresh and trendy. They are knowledgeable in all elements of decorating, including internal and outdoor painting, wallpaper removal, wall preparation, and wallpaper installation.

Plumbing – We provide boiler and radiator repair and maintenance. Leak detection and repair. Unclogging of gutters, drainage, and sewage systems

Refurbishment – We provide a wide range of services and home upgrades, ranging from complete renovations to minor repairs.

Roofing – We specialize in flat roofing maintenance, installation, new roofs, tiling & slating, regular roof repairs, and gutter cleaning.

Tilling – We install all kind of tiles, from natural stone to ceramic; we can tile your kitchen backsplash or a full bathroom, and we can tile your floors to a high quality throughout your home.

Tree Felling – Aids in the arrangement of outdoor spaces and the taming of your garden. Services for lock repair and replacement are provided. Window and door locks, as well as window and door difficulties, are all things we can help with.

Handyman Bradford

Handyman Bradford

125 844 4884

Monday - Sunday 24/7

A Handyman Will Support You Around The House For Less

Few Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

A handyman, despite the name, is usually a highly skilled home improvement professional. Electrical work, plumbing, building, landscaping, gardening, and tile placement are all common skills he has. In general, professional assistance can help with all aspects of basic home upkeep. There are various scenarios in which hiring one of these people is preferable, as well as several advantages.

Interior painting is one of the most popular services provided by a handyman. Painting is a job that most people with basic skills can do on their own, but it takes a lot of time and preparation. It may be beneficial to engage someone to assist you in getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

Plumbing is another common area where you can hire someone to assist you. Installing a toilet, sink, or garbage disposal is a simple task that can be considerably aided by the assistance of someone who understands what they are doing. They will be familiar with the entire plumbing system and will be able to complete what would have taken you all day in a matter of hours.

The advantages of employing a handyman are incalculable. They’ll help you save money. You will save a lot of money by not hiring a specialized company like a plumber or a painter.

When you hire an electrician or a plumber, they will frequently come out and give you an estimate, then return later to take measurements or figure out what they need, then go to the hardware shop, return, and begin working Psychology Articles, etc. A handyman will just show up and complete the task.

Maybe a quick trip to the hardware shop for the parts he requires, but because he is paid by the hour, he has no incentive to keep you on the line while he works on the project. You may also rest assured that he will be always working towards completion because he frequently collaborates with you to complete the assignment.

Handyman Bradford
Handyman Bradford

The kitchen is the nerve center of any home. Women and men both used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking meals and other items. If you have an old kitchen design and want to renovate it, get ideas from internet, friends, or specialists. You will be able to redesign your kitchen with the help of various and novel concepts. Kitchen renovations are costly, but if done properly, you can save a lot of money.

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Women and men both used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking meals and other items. If you have an old kitchen design and want to renovate it, get ideas from internet, friends, or specialists.
You will be able to redesign your kitchen with the help of various and novel concepts. Kitchen renovations are costly, but if done properly, you can save a lot of money.
Kitchen renovation is a difficult process, so be prepared to put in a lot of effort. Before you start renovating your kitchen, consider what you want to change and what you want to add new. Kitchen remodelling becomes simple if you have a defined goal in mind.There are some kitchen renovation advice.

The first suggestion is to figure out your personal tastes and preferences and apply them to your lifestyle. Your kitchen is a reflection of your personality and way of living. As a result, it is critical that you identify styles, colors, fabrics, and equipment that are appropriate for you. You can get ideas for your kitchen plan from periodicals and the internet.

It’s critical to select a kitchen design that complements your home’s architecture, style, and location. Focus on the arrangement of your kitchen once you’ve decided on it so you can renovate it perfectly.

You can also make minor adjustments to the arrangement, but too many changes can cause the design to become jumbled. As a result, it’s critical to focus on only one design. Kitchen remodeling necessitates your undivided attention and excitement. An astute renovator is well-versed in the intricacies of every kitchen nook and cranny.

Always choose a kitchen faucet that is both attractive and functional. It is preferable to use faucets that do not crumble or discolor and are equipped with the most up-to-date water-saving technologies. In your kitchen, avoid using low-quality fittings. Always invest in high-quality kitchen products.

The fourth tip is to choose a kitchen plan that is accessible to you. The layout of the kitchen should be logical and practical for working purposes.

The fifth advice is to add something new to your kitchen, such as an area for your children to play in while you cook, a view of your lawnComputer Technology Articles, a door to the garden, and a window for sunlight. The most crucial aspect of designing or upgrading a kitchen is to ensure that the materials and fixtures are of good quality so that you can enjoy it.

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